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Evgeny Chichvarkin, a unique person, a really bright entrepreneur who created such a bright brand as Euroset. He has always been a black sheep among entrepreneurship in Russia, and he certainly deserves respect as a marketer, as an entrepreneur.

Hello! We’re on the outskirts of London, near… -We won’t say where. A place called Ashfarm.

Next to Ottershaw.

Ottershaw, Ashfarm is a polo club where Evgeny just finished riding a horse and scoring some goals in the gate.

That’s right

For those who don’t know what polo is. Evgeny, we’re very happy to welcome you to our “Business Secrets” program, finally. Thank you so much for agreeing to

Thank you.

This is the second attempt. Zhenya and I recorded the first one a year and a half ago, but apparently the Canon 5-D has a matrix that dies after 13 minutes.

It’s a good period now.

We only managed 13 minutes. Hopefully now there’ half an hour, now there’s a new camera.

Yeah. It’s a good time to talk about business between two criminal cases.

Evgeny Chichvarkin. He was born on September 10, 1974, in Moscow. In 1977, together with Timur Artemyev, he created Euroset, that established about five thousand stores across Russia. In 2008, “Evroset” was sold to the structure of Alexander Mamut and “Vimpelcom”. In December 2008, Evgeny Chichvarkin left Russia. He is living in London.

So, first question. What is your current position, where are you located?

I live in London, and frankly, I’m happy about it. I think I’m going to live here for quite a long time.

Do you like it?

I do like it. And, in general, of course, it’s dangerous in Russia. You have to understand that the risk is not justified.

Dangerous, do you mean for you?

For me. No, it’s dangerous for everyone, but especially dangerous for me. It’s dangerous for everyone, but for some people the risk is justified, but for me, it’s not justified at all. I don’t want to go to the jail.

That makes sense.

Especially for something I didn’t commit.

And is there a second criminal case pending?

It’s been in existence for a long time, and there’s a chance to nail me to it at any time.

So it’s dangerous to show up at Sheremetyevo airport?

Yes. Once I show up, it’s one document, and that’s it, and it’s all over again. 

Do the border guards at Sheremetyevo have an APB out on you?

I don’t know. Maybe right now they don’t have it, but later they will. But it’s all quick. When someone needs to punch or whack anyone, it’s quick. When you need to roll it back, there’s no such thing.

The president removed the new boss, I get it. If he removed the one who was giving you a hard time… Or was there anyone else left?

First of all, he sent him off with the Order of something in the third degree, that is, for length of service, with gratitude, and that’s all… He did not ask the Chamber of Accounts to check where the evidence of $ 70 million on the smuggling case of 2005 has gone. And the evidence was stolen by him and his subordinates.

I still can’t figure it out. People just took that many phones and said they were illegal? It’s a mess.

No, that was before Motorola.

I remember about Motorola. They confiscated it under the pretence that it was illegal.

And then, they sold the evidence for 2-3% of its value because it was allegedly expensive to store it. That is, a complete new phone with a camera was sold for 100 rubles. The government got 2 or 3 million dollars, and they stole 70. 70, that’s the minimum, that’s what I know about the company.

And the man was given a merit degree of some sort?

Yes. They’re all going up in rank, they’re doing very well, and they went on to rob other companies. “Tekhnosila”, that’s one of their jobs.

So they saw a weakness, they saw something to pick on?

Well, they created those weaknesses, and they robbed. There was no weakness in Motorola, they just wanted to rob. I mean, it doesn’t matter if there is a legitimate reason or there’s no legitimate reason, it doesn’t make any sense.

Why did “Svyaznoy” survive, then? They didn’t get robbed.

The best thing to do is ask Svyaznoy. I do know they were robbed.

I mean, they withstood…

They were robbed 100%, including them. They survived. Maxim’s great.

I find this point of view interesting, because he and I are now also competing in the banking market in some way. What is the difference between you and him, and where is his advantage and your mistake? I ask the question to understand, what to expect from him.

The mistake is that he will quietly be behind you, and as soon as you stumble, he will overtake you.

How sneaky!

Well, he’s smart, really smart. He’s a very talented man. We’re different people.

He’s also very modest.

Yes, he’s modest. He’s modest, and he’s really talented. He’s got a huge head.

A good entrepreneur has to be cocky, that’s the thesis I’ve heard. And he’s so modest.

Well, here’s two cheeky ones, that’s enough.

Not all entrepreneurs have to be cocky, right?

No, there are quiet ones.

What’s the word antonym for cheeky? Modest! You’re modest. That’s why there’s a chance. I see. Our program is an entrepreneurial study, or, so to speak, a preparation. We start with the man. A lot of people know about you, but no one really knows anything.

And they keep mixing up the tracks.

Yes. Tell me from the beginning, where you were born, and what you were doing. So, autobiographical.

Do you want me to rap? I was born in Moscow in 1974. Technically I was born in St. Petersburg, but I was registered in Moscow. My mother was from Leningrad, and my father was from Moscow. Mentally I am a Moscow resident, but I understand what people from St. Petersburg talk about, too. That is, I understand some manifestations of art, yes, I do. As I think I understand what they mean.

I mean, you’re saying kerb, not curb?

I understand that kerb, and curb, and kura, and seven, and not to drive, but to bring in, I also understand that somebody, somebody can be brought in.

A loaf of white black bread.

We are two people from St. Petersburg. Three already, there are three of us here.

I’m not really, of course.

You went to school, then what, after school? Did you speculate on anything at school?

A little bit, Lucky cigarettes, I liked it a lot…

Did you have a passion for money?

It’s extremely hard for me – today is the rarest day, because yesterday the cab driver took us the wrong way, then there were teachers, and I gave away all the cash. Today is the first day I don’t have any cash in my pocket. It’s the first day in probably two years. I feel very uncomfortable about it. I mean, I understand that I have cards, but I’ve probably not been able to do without cash since the ninth grade.

And who did you sell cigarettes to?

Schoolgirls. We had a very non-elite school. There’s an elite school, but how do you say the opposite? The antithesis of elite school?


Which district of Moscow?

The district is decent, but the school was… -No, when I went there…

It was in the TV series “School”, wasn’t it? Have you seen it?

Yes, the TV series “School”. My wife says it never happened, there’s no such thing, and I say it’s exactly what… I can tell you more about what we had. Sometimes they used to nail people to the floor, for the uniform, of course.

Did you go to university or not? I didn’t ask.

I went to the management academy. I finished school more or less decently, with three B’s.

The other C’s?

No, A’s.

I got C’s, but it doesn’t matter. You’re smarter than me, good for you.

I was. And then I went to the Academy of Management, where I studied mediocrely, because I was already trading at Luzhniki, the Green Mountains…



I left after three years. So you studied all five years? Did you get your degree?

All five years. Yeah, I got my degree.

That’s cool.

Even worse, I went, I went to the graduate school, and I passed the Ph. I could have been a PhD in economics.

Don’t disappoint people! Everybody thinks that you left school after 3rd grade…


Three grades, and go directly to the Luzhniki, to trade…

No, I wanted to be some kind of smart guy.

Almost a Ph.D. candidate!


And they kicked me out! They kicked me out of there because I was into “Euroset”!  In 1998 I already had a company and they kicked me out!

What did you sell at Luzhniki?

It’s easier to list what I didn’t sell.

Everything that could be sold.

Yeah, drugs, pornography, and the motherland.

Didn’t you go to Poland or something?

No, look, there was a group of involved, they bring it in and I sell it, because I’m better at being here, at the retail.

I got it. You’re on the last mile.

Yes, I’m i on the last mile.

How, why did you choose phones, that really started to develop very fast?

I saw Timur Artemyev, my friend and long time partner, he dragged me forcibly into this business. I said I wanted to go to Luzhniki. The thing is that the female residents of Ukraine had an intimate relationship with the leadership of our brigade, received my seat, the alley C-5 seat number 24, 23. The whole month of August was given to them. I had already stayed in the last week of August, I came from vacation, as my Roma neighbors said, not without a penny of money. I really wanted some money, and Timur said to me, “Come to our store, stay for a week, and then you’ll come back to sell instead of that ukrainians. I said, okay, one week, and that’s it. And that was it. On the 23rd of 1996 I stepped into a cell phone store, and I left, and on December 22nd, 2008 I left.

12 years.

12 years.

I see. In 1996, we started trading, I didn’t believe it! They came to us with northwest clocks, and they said, here’s a new thing! And they brought us GSM watches. And we was like- we don’t need GSM, we have VCRs that are selling well. Stupid, fool! I should’ve done this!

And we also came to Tekhnosila, they also said, what kind of phones? Can we rent a place here to sell phones here? Fuck it.

Our young entrepreneurs always ask us, what are the mistakes, tell us. Here’s a mistake. They came to me, GSM representative gave me an exclusive, and I had 7 Tekhnoshoks, I’m cool! And I said, come on… No way… What phones? That’s bullshit! We don’t need it!

Because we asked them, at first they said no, we don’t need Moscow companies, you’ll break our market. They wouldn’t let me go to St. Petersburg for a long time.

I didn’t believe myself that this project will grow. Well, rich people will buy… But it was impossible to imagine that all people could buy a cell phone.

And even two or three.

And these kinds of projects, is it still possible to have such powerful projects?

Of course. There’s Twitter, there’s Google, there’s Facebook.

No, that’s online now, but I mean some hardware, to trade.

But in general, the business where you can grow so much, such a tremendous growth.

I don’t know, there will be a change from gasoline cars to battery cars, it’s a huge tectonic shift! I’m sure there will be money to be made on it.

Alternative energy sources.

How to understand these projects?

You need to have a nose for them! Or as Polonsky, with whom you had an unseemly argument, says, you must have a flair. I agree with that. You have to have flair.

I agree with him, too.

Young people are watching us.

Hello, young guys!

15, 25, 30, and as long as they think they’re young. What advice can you give on how to choose a subject for a business?

It has to have a soul, and the money has to be there. That’s a combination of these two vectors can only make money.

Soul and money.

Zhenya, this is a question from Twitter. Remember, dear friends, that in the current version of Oleg Tinkoff, you can send questions, and I will ask my guests. Zhenya, did you feel the similarity of the situation when you came to London, with the situation from Atlant Spread Shoulders?

Definitely yes.

There’s a second sub-question I never finished. Who is today’s John Gold of the modern world?

Tough question, actually. I don’t have an answer to the second question, I have to think about it. Maybe it’ll come to me by the end, it’s a collective character.

And what about Atlant, Atlantis?

No, with the amount of regulation and taxes that we have in the U.K.

Isn’t it pure capitalism?

No. And hourly pay, and rules that you can’t pay less than a certain amount per hour. It’s socialist enough to provoke people to do nothing and procrastinate. It’s certainly not capitalism in its purest form. So much regulation, so much tax burden, so much government meddling in the economy, it’s certainly not Atlantis. And in terms of security, and, say, personal freedom of expression of thoughts and feelings, yes. Well, I mean, it’s…

I think that 1996-2000 in Russia, it was real capitalism.


That was real capitalism?


Is it worthwhile for a young entrepreneur in Russia to make a plan for an expansion into the West? A visa to the UK, a green card to the U.S., and so on. Thank you. Vanilla42 asked.

Vanilla42, you should. It just has to be.

How do you feel about the Internet and do you want to do something on the Internet?

I am still no really good about the Internet. I decided, I prepared for a long time and I decided that since January 10, 2008 I will use a computer. I use it as something that reads the news and responds to blogs.

Do you believe there’s big money out there and you can make money?

Yes, of course! What do you mean, I don’t believe it, or I do. Zuckerberg is the president of Egypt and Tunisia combined.

Have you seen the Zuckerberg movie?

Not yet. Maybe I’ll even see it tonight.

It’s really good, watch it.

Evgeny, can a Russian make a successful business in Great Britain?

We’re getting to the main question!

Yes. A person with Russian roots can make a successful business in Great Britain, and there are such people! There are people who own a huge amount of real estate. We do not know their names, but they live quietly and make decent money.

Are they from the old Russian emigration, or are they more recent?

Fresh ones. In the USA, emigration wave was in 1991-1993, but here the migration wave of 2003-2004 was quite powerful, and it still goes. There are restaurants here that are owned by Russians, and they are very successful. For example, there’s the Goodman Restaurant, which is amazingly successful. They opened a second restaurant in the City, on the fourth weekend it was overbooked, that is, full of people, full of fat people in blue shirts and with platinum cards.

I mean, they created the concept of a real London restaurant in Moscow and brought it to London.

No. It’s Russian people who have made completely American amazing steakhouses in London.

I mean, the restaurant business, the real estate business. Well, it’s still such…

One of the logistics companies, for example, also has a Soviet-born founder, and it’s very successful, has a significant market share here, Acada.

I’ve read about it, yes. Then I have to ask, in connection with that, you just said in previous questions that you’re not going to Russia in the next few years. I know you’re energetic, you’re not just going to sit around. Then what are you planning and in which field. Come on, tell us an exclusive story on the show. We need to get the score on youtube. How many viewers do you think we’ll get? Half a million?

If I say something now that I wouldn’t do, it would look disgusting, especially if I screwed up. I did a stupid thing once – I said I was going to release phones, and then I got fucked up with the phone just for that. And when is the phone going to come out, when is it going to come out? Promised and didn’t do it! Until I do, I won’t say anything.

You already said something. Do you want some kind of retail?

Retail. I don’t know how to do anything else. I know how to buy and sell with a smile.

A network, or a single store?

One. Not a store, it’s a beautiful store, it’s just so delicious.

Muffins or something?


Do you have a name?

There’s a name, too. I can’t tell you yet.


Well, it’s supposed to be an understandable name to the British.  Mysterious

Fife O’Clock?


Chichvarkin, that’s completely incomprehensible.

By the way, do the local press, television talk about you here? We get serious coverage, oddly enough. You’re not offended, but you get good coverage there. Even the TV program Time, I’ve watched you on TV. And what about here?

Yes, they’re allowed to. I said, were you allowed to talk about me? They caught me, somehow found out which studio I was in, they met me right next to it. I said, were you allowed to? You know, yes! I mean, he was surprised he was allowed.

Are they filming you in England?

No. -Ah, in Bloomberg I was in live rotation, Bloomberg TV.

So the last name Chichvarkin doesn’t mean anything?

Absolutely nothing, totally uninteresting.

Didn’t the Financial Times write anything about you?

Look, well, I didn’t get intimate with any British reality TV stars, so I’m totally uninteresting.

That’s for Sana, but what about Financial Times?

Well, I don’t have ten billion, five billion. I don’t have a yacht.

They like to write, the Financial Times like to write about persecution of businessmen, about problems, about corruption.

No, that’s the kind of thing they wrote a couple of times. I don’t have a yacht like this, or an airplane like this, or a wife like this, and so on. Nothing to write about.

A soccer club like this…

And a soccer club like this. There’s nothing to write about.

Who do you socialize with here?

Mostly Russians, of course, because my English is not very good. And mentally with English people, when they are lawyers, yes, and when they are contractors or builders, well, yes, I can’t avoid it… But like that, some kind of warmth.

Building a house. Already building. Contractors, builders. He’s building this store, after all. Where, what’s the address? Downtown London?

Oxford Street?

No. Oxford Street is for the middle class, and so is Regent street. I’ve done a bit of work in the middle class. And Soho even more so.

There’s a Mayfair, right?

Oh, you know.

But I like Paris better.

For the upper class?

Yeah, for the bourgeois. I want cranky, arrogant, self-righteous customers.

Is that a rhinestone phone?

There were already rhinestone phones. You don’t fall into the same funnel twice, and if you do, it’ s rare. It’s all been there.

What will be on sale in the store?

I can’t tell you yet.

Aren’t you afraid of the competition? You’ve been super-successful, and in the shadow of that success…

What’s the problem in Britain? I’ve been trying to understand it’s roots for a long time. I think the roots go right back to school.

I figured that out a long time ago, the roots are from school.

Life from the egg, beginning at the end.

My cheating theory. Why does society in Russia suck? Because everyone steals. Why does everybody steal? Because everybody lies. Why does everybody lie? Because everyone cheated at school. Well, of course, I simplified the world to this sentence.

Yeah, here. They’re not standards of cleanliness, let’s just say, I’ll put it very mildly, the British, they’re not demanding of service. Because, in the best British school, snow falls, and, outside, they give cold sandwiches to the children. One person gives 100 kids a cold sandwich, not tasty, maybe even peppery and dry. They are standing outside, the bell has already rung, and those who haven’t had time, haven’t had it. That’s why everyone’s standing in line. That’s why they’re here quietly standing in traffic, that’s why they don’t care what they eat, that’s why they’re willing to stand in shorts on the street with a beer, and then loudly clamor if someone cuts in line. And, at the same time, since they are all crowded, they need to shout at each other. In the evening, with beer, they stand outside, in shorts, when it’s plus 3 degrees, snow or rain falling, and talk very loudly to each other at the same time. About politics, sex, and other issues.


That’s culture. And, for example, you’re walking through a store, a decent store, where you don’t meet many people of other nationalities than white, other than white skin, through a decent, expensive store. And the store employee is carrying something bulky, elderly employee, the manager is carrying something bulky, new year… And he practically runs you down, and he’s still not happy – what the fuck could you fucking interfere with the business process? He’s got the carts right here. Don’t you respect him? He’s working! He looks at me like I’m the enemy! What are you standing up for?

The question is, how to choose a company name for a young entrepreneur?

You dart into the map, you clam up, oh! Khopuor! Khopuor-invest! Or Selenga. They used to do that, but I don’t know how they do it now.

Let’s say the name Tinkoff is good for beer, but for a bank…

It’s good for anything. Even for an alley.

Wait, a chain of Chichvarkin stores, that’s not very good…

Why? People study you, and they already identify you with the store. People go there, the more they know, the more they trust. That is, since he has knowledge of you, all other things being equal, he will come to you. Of course, if you do everything shitty, he won’t come to you. But, all other things being equal, since we’re not manufacturers, but we’re trading about the same thing, they’ll come to you. If they identify you.

Back to business in America. To be honest with you, I was afraid to do business in America. I was hesitant to…

I’d be afraid to do it because I’d be outsmarted.

I was young, I was 33

You were young. And now you’ re old.

And now I’m 43. And I didn’t dare. But you did.

I wouldn’t dare to do this in America. I wouldn’t dare to start a business in 2 places, it’s in China, because it’s impossible to compete. They will work for 16 hours, and still do everything cheaper. And in the US, because to outdo the states’ service, you have to make a revolution within yourself. And it’s not hard to do better than British service, as it seems to me right now. I’ll try to make a huge difference between the British service and the service I’ll have. I’ll try. I don’t know, maybe it won’t work. The service in London restaurants is 2 heads worse than Novikov, Dellos, and the top 30 in Moscow. Dot. It’s different in general…

Because, we have social classes, and here they do not. He can not sag like that, because he did not come from Zhitomir, and he does not need to survive. There are no such needs here, he is not humiliated as much as he is humiliated here.

We are not humiliated or insulted. We managed to find people in our company who enjoy it.

Do you think you’ll find them in England as well?

I need seven people. I’ll find them.

Yes, but they’re afraid of you too. I remember I was walking by the office and it said, “When you smoke, you steal my money. The poster.

Yes. That’s true. And you shouldn’t smoke while you’re working. It’s very simple.

I come into the bank from the backyard, too, there’s always people smoking, going out to smoke. I just said stop smoking.

And you know, when there was a crisis, I said… When they told me, that our costs are very high, I said, see, people are smoking? Fire them right now. The new ones come out to smoke, and fire them. That’s it. Do it until the balance is reached.

That’s a real entrepreneur. I have the same approach.

There won’t be a single person in the company who smokes now.

Well, there’s less smoking here, in the West.

There’s less here, thank them for that

You’re right, the Brits are loud, bitches.

Yes. Like at high school.

They’re coming again… We shouldn’t be so happy.

Only the horses aren’t talking.

Why are they more entrepreneurial? Come on, tell me.

It’s all about money, school, everything from school. How do we start? Masha had 7 apples, she gave Kolya 3 for some reason. How many are left? It’s all about pence and money, all about it! All tasks, all about money! When I first took the 3rd or 4th grade textbook, when we first arrived, it just stung my eye! All about money! And there’ s a lot of things a kid doesn’t get in a rich family. He’s often hungry, and he doesn’t get any pocket money. Tough enough.

I mean, anyway, I see I haven’t seen you in a year, you’re a polo-shop here. You’re a little more lively now.

Yeah. I mean, that first year we were settling in.

So it went away again. Remember ?

Went away!

In the famous interview with Zhenya I said, let it went away. Boom, and it went away. Maybe it’s me?

Listen, one went away, and the other is only sucked up so far. You know, you were right. I was surprised, I was wrong. I didn’t suck and it’s gone.

Yeah. That was a shame about the people there, too. The poor people was in prison, but they didn’t do anything…

And the ones who were supposed to go to prisom, they still haven’t gone to prison. And the investigator who handled our case was promoted four times. For prosecuting an action that didn’t happen.

It’s sad, yes. It’s a real mess with the police.

Oleg, I propose you to come to the government and put everyone in prison.

In general, I think that in fact, the political system in Russia is normal.

-Yes, you have to go back, it’s normal!

I’m convinced that it’s normal. There are no good politicians anywhere, they are all the same, in any country.

No. Saakashvili is good. And Kakha Bendukidze is good.

But the problem of Russia is that our law enforcement agencies are totally muzzle-less. That’s the problem of Russia. So all the rights, including police.

They were stripped of their muzzles to keep order.

I’m not at all embarrassed by the fact that there’s a king or that there’s a president.

For the king, control is more important than development.

It doesn’t bother me. It embarrasses me why I’m being bullied by a fucking police major. That’s what I’m confused about.

He’s got you under control. See, the best control is when everybody’s in the cemetery. The next degree of control is worse when people are in prison. And the third, lesser degree of control is when people have criminal records. There are those stragglers like you who don’t have criminal cases yet. Four degrees of control. And our current government, the more control, it doesn’t matter if there is development or not, doesn’t give a shit. As long as the flywheel swatter rolls on, as long as it is possible to exploit more and more oil revenues, by inflating, increasing taxes, taking more and more money from the population, from people, from entrepreneurs, and more and more doing these crazy big projects, they are only done for that, to steal. As long as it rolls around, as long as the oil revenues flow into these mega-buildings, where more than half of it is stolen, it will exist in this horrible way. And the rest of us don’t have to fuck it up. That is, to express your opinion, what you’re doing now, and what I’m doing now, is in their language we’re being showed off. I mean, we’re supposed to sit quietly and…

We’re not on Channel 1, we’re on YouTube.

Look. The last theme is when the patriotic theme sounds – we’re going to film, please stand up. And everyone in the audience stands up, even though they don’t feel it. That is, if we play the National Anthem now, or another patriotic song, or about cranes, or about nightingales, we must stand up, we must wave our tricolor and a tear must roll down our eyes. I voluntarily invested so much into this tricolor in 1996 by having it on my logo, and the bastards from the Volgograd Prosecutor’s Office tried to make me a criminal case for three years, in order to extort a $20 bill for my improper use of the Russian symbols. We sincerely and honestly popularized the flag then as a symbol of democracy and freedom.

Tell me, you’re probably thinking about it. Ten years later, you wake up in the morning, or you can’t sleep at night, and you thinking. Tell us an exclusive – where do you see yourself in 10 years, most likely, what and where will you be doing in 10 years? Be honest. Answer at least 1 question without sarcasm, honestly and sincerely.

Ask me a question about 5 years and about 15 years.

Where do you see yourself in five years?


In 15 years?

In Russia.

What a twist!

In 10 years, I don’t know yet. In Poland. No, it’s not a snail trip!

You’re sure that everything will be fine with us someday, sooner or later. You painted such an apocalypse first.

To my great regret, I’m afraid it will be another country. I hope that within the same borders and with a different government. Because if the numbers, and the numbers are rosstat and minfin, they are in the open sources, you realize that this flywheel can not live more than 10 years.

Evgeny, are you tearing up your homeland?


In a good way, or a bad way?

In a good way.

What is nostalgia, tell us. Because we grew up with books.

Nostalgia for books is when you play Shufutinsky and cry into the borsch.

Interesting, you are living here for a long time. In terms of grip, the Russians and the English, who has better grip?

Our grip is better.

You’ve got better grip, so why are you messing with my head?

Yes, we’ve got better grip.

Is it a tricky business, or is it just nature?

No. What’s always distinguished a Russian soldier from any other soldier is his knack for making porridge from an axe. And women, as well – to stop a horse by any means, at a gallop.

Why, I can not understand in my 43 years, we – such a talented people, and so fucking poor.

Because, unfortunately, we’re not used to choosing, and we negligently chose our national leaders.

I was talking about the last thousand years. We’ve been choosing them negligently for a thousand years? I mean in a global sense.

In a global sense, we were more or less parity before the revolution.  Plus, you know, in our climate you’re doomed. Climate and distance. We, other things being equal, it is clear that we will be a little poorer. Not as much as we are now. And, in any case, we shouldn’t be as clumsy, as underdeveloped, and as ignorant of our rights. Why are Russians being screwed over? We never know our rights here. We come here, every asshole can wipe his feet on us. Learn your rights from childhood. You are human beings, you have the same equal rights as all people on this earth. There are no gods, there are no special people. Everyone poops 1-2 times a day, sleeps about 8 hours a day and stinks if they don’t wash.

There’s another question I wanted to ask you about your situation, you had quite tragic history. What did you think of your friends – lost, gained? In general, about people as you’ve come to think of them, it’s very interesting.

It’s more realistic now.

It’s understandable, but you clearly had a better opinion of people, but still, have you completely lost faith?

A little better opinion, not much.

Have you ever been such a total scumbag? -Yeah. A friend like that, and then he turned out to be a total asshole? Have you met anyone like this?

A friend, he seemed like a friend, I understood that he seemed like a friend, and the fact that he snitched, well, yeah, that was expected snitched.

And were there people who didn’t seem like a friend, and then… Were there?

Yes, and it was a surprise, too, let’s just say. It was, let’s say, a pleasant surprise.

Who was it?

I will personally praise him. Basically, roughly what we expected from people, that’s what we got. We had no illusions about how people behave. Well, look, the last searches and seizures from 2005. How people behave and communicate when your ass is on fire, I know it very well.

I wrote in the book, how it all started out there.

Yes, exactly the same. Read Tinkov’s book, it describes everything exactly like that

It was funny, but the whole story started when I was already sitting in the office

Yes, that’s right.

Though I came to his office for the second time in my life, almost the first. By the way I’m very grateful to you, that you were one of the first to say that you believe in the thing with the banks.


I got shit all over me, that’s it!

I remember that.

The one person who said, I believe.


It was true, thank you very much.

And because all these people didn’t read your story and didn’t want to understand you.

Yes. -And you helped us, even with the business, gave us business, and so on. Then what happened, happened. By the way, what book are you reading?

Use Tinkov’s cards, he won’t screw you over. He’s an honest good guy.

What book are you reading now, or what have you read the last? “Atlas Shrugged”?

I’ve read it, but I’m not thrilled. -I’ve read Londongrad. It’s just about some stuff, but I never finished it, there wasn’t any kind of delight. From the last recommended – Orwell’s “1984”, I had a gap while I was in Russia, I got stuck. What else? Oh, I just got Rodberg, I’m going to read it, right next, next week.

Evgeny, thank you so much! Now we have one last concluding column – what words do you want to say to the young guys and girls.

If you don’t have anything to eat, do something that will give you food, and for which you won’t be ashamed later. As soon as you have something to eat, do something you love, because otherwise you’ll have mental problems, and mental problems are incurable. Don’t deceive yourself, and don’t try to force yourself to do something you don’t like, it will backfire one way or another. Don’t believe the Chekists, they’ll still deceive you.

Zhenya, thank you very much for the exclusive show from the Polo Club about business secrets with Oleg Tinkov. He had never seen an iPhone… Anisimov saw it for the first time. By the way, there was a question about what kind of phone Zhenya had. He has an iPhone. Thank you very much. I have a very good hand. On the previous show, which did not take place, I promised you that everything would go away, and it did. Once again, I wish you that everything really works out for you. Good for you. We need people like you. By the way, I have a good question for you.

Look how beautiful it is.

Doesn’t it fuck you up, for example, that we’re compared? To be honest, it bothers me whether I’m compared to Branson… Chichvarkin – Tinkov, I’m sick of it! Aren’t you fucking sick of this comparison? With whoever?

No, I’m fine with it.

Please stop comparing and comma-separating. Zhenya is Zhenya, Oleg is Oleg, Vasya is Vasya.

Mr. Nesterenko from the Foreign Ministry, for example, on my birthday, put me in the same line, comparing me to Berezovsky and Zakayev. And then – Berezovsky, Zakayev, Chichvarkin, there was some cliché of the three surnames. I mean, I’m ready to be in any company.

Thank you, Zhenya! Let’s go to Branson and say hello.

Oleg went to Branson. Of course they will be compared after that.