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In 1990, at the age of 23, you founded the first commodity exchange in the Soviet Union “Alice”, and three years later you already had offices all over the world …

We opened offices all over the world a year later – after three years I already closed Alice, because thousands of exchanges appeared in Russia, and this was already sort of discrediting the idea itself. I opened, in general, the first, and closed it safely.

Did you become a millionaire quickly?

Three weeks later when we started selling brokerage places. On the very first day of trading, they earned six million rubles – then it was the same thing as about six million dollars.

Forgive me, but it was not so easy to get rich in those years: they say, in particular, that you are not only the son of a KGB general, but you yourself were an employee of the State Security Committee, which allegedly gave you the initial money for promotion …

I will explain to you where these rumors are coming from: that my dad is KGB General Sterligov, journalist Mark Deutsch told him when he spoke on Radio Liberty with comments. I called him: “Mark,” he said, “listen carefully. I am German Lvovich, and he is Alexander Nikolaevich – can this person be my father? “. Since then, in the official version, the general became my uncle, and then just a relative, but in reality it is not so, and we met at the same time, in those years. He came to my office when I was already very famous and rich, and entered my office with the words: “Well, let’s get acquainted, otherwise everyone assures that you are my son.”

I have great respect for the general of counterintelligence, Alexander Nikolaevich Sterligov – this worthy man was not a gendarme, but fought against foreign intelligence services, and the operations that he conducted are now being studied, I know, in schools of various special services around the world.

Almost according to Vysotsky: “Fearing counterintelligence, avoiding secular life …” – so you had nothing to do with the KGB?



With some, because serving on the State Security Committee has always seemed romantic to me – thanks to the wonderful Soviet films on which my generation grew up. Once – I will not hide – I wanted to work in the KGB – precisely in the services related to intelligence and counterintelligence, but it did not work out.

You were called the first dollar millionaire in Russia and your fortune was estimated at about 200 million “green”, but is it true that Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Vladimir Gusinsky borrowed from you?

No, it’s not true – I didn’t give money to Khodorkovsky.

Did you feel something?

Yes, and I can say that my instinct has never let me down.

Excuse me, did he try to borrow from you?

Then almost everyone tried and many got it: quite a lot of today’s rich people came out of the bowels of Alice – it just happened. Many crowded around (in fact, as it turned out later, this layer was rather thin), and as for Khodorkovsky, we are not familiar with him. I regret that he did it the way it did, but I understand why it happened. He himself, one might say, megalomania, which he had, at one time experienced, he just reached such heights and so quickly that he overdid it a little.

We will return to the megalomania that grips successful young people, but for now a quote. “I was probably one of the richest,” you once admitted, “then neither LUKOIL nor YUKOS had yet been created, and Khodorkovsky, if I’m not mistaken, traded in flowers”. About how much money did you personally have at the time when the Alice exchange was flourishing?

Well, 200 million cash, maybe 250.


Well, yes, because we did not count rubles at all – they were innumerable. They stuffed sports bags that were in our rooms, partly filled to the ceiling.

The founder of the MMM pyramid, Sergei Mavrodi, told me recently that they measured money in rooms – you too?

Mavrodi measured other people’s money in rooms, and I measured mine.

There is a difference…

Huge, so I traveled all my life without protection, and no one ever sued me. The only one, unique in its kind case, not so long ago, was when they brought me a lawsuit against the ARTC, and then the whole truth was on our side.

When you entered the storage rooms and saw the bundles of banknotes stored there, what were your feelings?

None, and that’s what I am not sinning, so it is greed: I have always been rather indifferent to money. I really wanted to become a millionaire and became one, but the fortune both came and went.

Are you more interested in the process?

That’s it. I was 23-24 years old – well, what usually attracts at this age? Of course, adventure, fights, rivalry, women – everything is as usual, like the rest.

Does big money change a person?

And very much. Judging by myself: at the age of 23 I had (now I remember it with shame) a pronounced megalomania. Thank God, it passed, and many were less fortunate – some even died in the end. The Lord humbled me: I was broke, there was a period of complete lack of money, and all this resolved.

What was the lifestyle of the most likely richest man in the USSR at that time?

Well, first of all, not the richest one: I became the first of the famous, public …

So were you richer?

Of course – people like Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev …


At least in May 2004, the magazine put his last name in front of mine on its list of the richest people in Russia.

Given your enormous wealth, did you lead a luxurious life?

I worked around the clock: I was either driving, or in the office, or flying somewhere. Three planes flew with me or with my employees endlessly.

Your personal?

No, we rented them in Aeroflot, and we took those on which the country’s leadership had previously ridden.

Ily-62, I suppose?

And Il was – big, salon, still Brezhnev, on which Leonid Ilyich did not have time to fly, and An salon, and some other crap – I have already forgotten what it was called. Do you remember everything ?!

What cars did you drive then?

On a wrangler jeep – it was my favorite car, because as a child I saw enough movies with all sorts of American cowboys and imitated them. What, in short, they saw in the movies, they bought, but in general, we had the first, probably in Moscow, a large park of beautiful cars. Sitting behind the wheel of another of them, I made a stunning impression on the girls, and I really liked it all.

The girls, given your business size, were especially available?

They were unusually beautiful, because then very few people had time to take out of the country. Soon, millions of the best literally snatched away from here in an almost slave trade, and when we started, the whole placer, all this fabulous wealth was at our disposal. I was very lucky with time, and I got an unusually beautiful wife.

Having earned that kind of money, you got a headache with them, because there was simply nowhere to spend so much at that time. What were they spent on?

Then he let him go to public work and, like, to politics. I thought I would never spend it – then it was possible to live a whole day on a dollar, and it seemed to me that there was an incredible amount of money – I could not even count it. I remember standing by the window in my office on Wall Street and trying to figure out how many there were …

Did you have an office on Wall Street?

Yes, the first Russian office on Wall Street, just opposite the New York Stock Exchange (New York Stock Exchange), and we made very good money in the 91st year on the putsch: we bought up Russia’s debts when they fell to almost zero, and

Did someone tell you to do this?

No, I invented everything myself, and one Egyptian invested the money – I did not have enough of them. Then I “raised” a lot on the New York Stock Exchange – in general, I got rich on the money of American taxpayers.

“My roof,” you said, “was heaven”: rather figuratively, but somehow not very believable. In those years, any more or less wealthy person became the object of close attention of the racketeer, but did they try to run into you?

Yes, we tried it a couple of times – in the 90s …

Who, if not a secret?

Some kind of bandits – I don’t remember who, but since then no one has ever even stuttered on this topic. So many years have passed – and never …

Tell me, how did it look? Have you been approached personally?

Yes, they burst into my Moscow office and asked: “Who are you paying?” I remember when this happened, Vitya Gurdin, deceased, my comrade-in-arms and partner, – he was standing next to him – began to shout: “Herman, don’t shoot! Of course, no one came to us anymore – all our guys either served in Afghanistan, or in other hot spots.

So you had a guard?

No security – we were all one team. “Alisa” – these are the same young guys like us (and there were branches in different regions of the country) – to whom we could pay …

…in Wonderland?

Yes, besides courage, energy was then unknown, and the question is: to whom do you pay? – was perceived as a grave insult.

Weren’t you afraid of being killed?

I was afraid, of course – then many were sent to the next world, but as the head of the company I can proudly state that not a single person of our team died in the 90s. I was accused of paranoia, that I was always reinsured – “But, – I answered, – we don’t go to each other’s funeral.” The necessary precautions were taken: we transported families from place to place – they were constantly migrating, and the whole service was responsible for their move. For quite a long time, until the end of the 90s, no one had their own apartments, houses and other things – my wife once thought that she had moved with children 43 times. This is a rather difficult life, but there have never been a funeral or hostages, despite the fact that the situations were quite tough.

The more you talk about how you stood up then, the harder it is for me to believe that there was no KGB behind your back …

No, I repeat again, it was not. Then I did not realize this, but now I understand: it was the Lord who simply saved us, because we were tactless, impolite and disrespectful to criminal groups. At first they were angry at us and called outrageous, and then the emotions subsided, the usual equal relations were established, we got to know everyone and everything settled down: this is ours, then yours, and no questions asked.

Artem Tarasov, one of the most successful Soviet businessmen and the first millionaires, wrote about you and about the times when you headed the Alisa stock exchange, the book “Millionaire” – the author depicts you in an office in a bulletproof vest with a pistol in hand, shooting at the ceiling, claims What is it: sketches from nature or fiction?

No, about the bulletproof vest – complete nonsense: we have never worn them. In general, I’ll tell you, Tarasov is a dreamer, and I had a case with him (Lisovskiy was present and won’t let him lie), when I almost got him in the face – I was held back. He pressed him: “Artem, why are you lying all the time, what are you talking about?” Of course, Tarasov lied a lot in the book, and in interviews he occasionally carried some nonsense. I don’t know why he needs it … At the ceiling – yes, they shot – we, in general …

… did you like to shoot? ..

… in the early 90s they did not part with pistols. I repeat, there was no security at all: there was “Alisa-X” – these are 60 people from the “Vityaz” group, who signed up and went over to me as a company.

Ah, so this changes things!

Yes, but they were my subordinates, not bodyguards, and they performed the tasks that I assigned them.

60 “knights” …

That’s right: perfectly trained fighters from the anti-terrorism group – we even conducted exercises with them during the conditional hostage-taking in our office on Pushechnaya Street (this is next to Lubyanka, where the KGB building is). In broad daylight they were demolishing the bars, throwing grenades with tear gas, bursting in – well, everything is as it should be. The teaching is over – tram-pam-pam! Now it is difficult to imagine, but that was the time.

There have been many amazing zigzags in your life, but what prompted you to do coffins in due time?

This story was related to the upcoming US invasion of Iraq. Internally, I was against it: I did not want American and Iraqi citizens – military and civilians – to die, and Mikhail Timkin and I (he is a very famous person, an expert on the East, who worked for a long time in Iraq) figured out how to prevent the invasion. So they thought of writing a letter to Bush and the United States Ambassador to Russia with a proposal to deliver 50,000 Russian coffins for American soldiers and officers who would die in Iraq, on behalf of the Sterligov brothers’ mythical coffin office. We quickly made a brass plaque, hung it right on Red Square, at number 5 (I had a gorgeous office there – in the Administrative Department of the President of Russia), and the entourage of the coffin office turned out.

I must say that neither Bush nor the ambassador answered us, and then we decided to turn to Saddam Hussein. Timkin contacted the Iraqi ambassador by phone, after which we translated the letter into Arabic and sent it. In this message, Hussein was offered to purchase 50,000 coffins for the Americans at his own expense, so that they would return to the United States not in ugly zinc boxes, but in beautiful fragrant coffins made of fresh wood from Moscow – Al Jazeera broadcast this for a week endlessly.

Saddam answered you?

Yes, there was a short correspondence with him, and in this connection they treated us very well. I remember that Vladimir Kamilyevich Ganeev came to me (former head of the Security Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, Lieutenant General, sentenced to 20 years in prison on charges of corruption.) – he is combing his hair in front of the mirror and says: “German, well, you are a hero at Lubyanka today.” – “Yes, but what’s the matter?” There the Congress makes the final decision, and here (a few days before the consideration of the issue) we are with this letter. Congressmen waved it in front of Bush’s nose: “Well, the Russians have already calculated what the victims will be from the Americans,” and the invasion was postponed – it took a second discussion after a while to get consent.

Thus, our joke postponed the war for several days – this is what I was able to do, and then we swaggered a little over the press, because the journalists took the coffin office of the Sterligov brothers quite seriously. The living classic Pyotr Sinyavsky even wrote poems: “You will fit into our coffins without diet and aerobics”, which we placed on a huge billboard in Moscow. It was great!

I remember, and other slogans sounded invitingly, for example: “Where are you going, Kolobok?” – “I am in a hurry to buy myself a coffin” … You were so rich that a reasonable question arises, almost according to Vysotsky: “Where is the money, Zin?” …

Yes Yes Yes…

So where are they?

I spent everything trying to become the president of the Russian Federation, but nothing came of it. First, to promote the governor’s campaign in Krasnoyarsk, he conducted – then Lebed died, and this was the only opportunity to practice somewhere, and then the whole, from beginning to end, the campaign for the election of the mayor of Moscow was held – for me this is the ideal form of preparation for the presidential election.

Did you have a fix idea – presidential elections?

Yes, I spent three years on them and all the money – not only my own, but also a bunch of strangers, therefore, when Vladislav Yuryevich Surkov (Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.) – God bless him!

Some kind of nonsense: an intelligent person who earned so much money by his labor, who understands the realities of modern Russia and the political situation, aware that Vladimir Putin is running for the elections, decided to compete with him nonetheless?

And no one else dared to do this, so there was no choice. If someone had volunteered, I would have supported him, but there was no alternative, so I had to risk it myself. In my opinion, it was necessary to do everything in my power to prohibit abortion, change school education, which I could not digest already because I had children … I saw what monstrous things happen around, but since the others were even ashamed to talk about it, let alone speak, I had to advertise my views myself.

Forgive me, but it was folly back then to fight Putin!

Well, you know, creating an exchange was also reckless.

You threw all the money into this pre-election furnace, there is absolutely nothing left?

On the day I was withdrawn from the race, I became a beggar, because I realized: now, in order to save face, I need to return everything that I took as venture capital (that is, used to finance new, growing companies or companies on the verge of bankruptcy, with a high degree of risk, After all, they gave me these sums for a reason, but so that they could voice ideas that were close to them, and now I do not participate in the elections, and the money has already been spent. For what? On the network for collecting signatures, on the organization of subdivisions by region, on airtime, which is very expensive during the elections, on other nonsense, and making excuses: they say, I did not know that I would be removed, was kind of indecent.

The day you became a beggar, what did you say to yourself?

I’m an idiot!

…still would…

… I scolded my driver for nothing, and then came home and told my wife that we were moving to the forest, because we had nothing else. By the way, she didn’t even take it seriously – only a week later, when I announced that tomorrow the new owners were moving into the house and it was necessary to collect things, that the car was already on the doorstep, she realized that everything was happening in all seriousness.

Didn’t leave you?

Well, how will she do it? We have, firstly, children, and secondly, a husband can still kick his wife out for some sins, but for her to leave it is impossible.

Is it true that at the time of your highest financial heyday you were personally acquainted with Gorbachev and Yeltsin?

Of course – they invited me to their birthdays.

And did you go?


It was interesting there?

Well, I can tell you that I left Gorbachev’s birthday almost immediately. There, everyone was in evening dresses, and I was in jeans, in a checkered shirt: I did not know about the so-called protocol then.

Hmm, are you informal?

Yes, but, frankly speaking, it was uncomfortable for me, because it is good to be informal when you may be showing off, but I did not come for that, so I felt out of place. He stayed there a little and left, but Yeltsin had already appeared in a suit. I was drinking then – I had such a period, and since Boris Nikolayevich was drinking all the time …

… there you were at ease …

… I don’t remember what happened there. I can only say that for the last time at Yeltsin’s birthday party I sat at the table with Kobzon.

When were you in perfect order (I mean, financially), did you communicate closely with the Kremlin?

Hmm, why?

But were you invited to Old Square, to the White House?

Yes, on various occasions I have been there from time to time.

Were you offered to share a little of your income for the good of Russia?

Never, and I think no one has figured out how I made money, because there was no system. This was the problem: even those close to them did not fully understand how, from what money came from, and even more so, officials and even more so the police. Once the tax authorities came to us, and everything – more, so as not to embarrass ourselves, not with a foot, because they did not understand what we were doing and under what article to levy taxes from us. After all, there was no exchange legislation, nothing at all, and I liked it so much then that I always worked in the field in which there was simply no legislation yet. As soon as it appeared, it left the field, so my conscience is clear – I have never paid taxes.


No, there was simply no such article for which they would have been demanded from me. Just recently, for example, we created the Anti-Crisis Settlement and Commodity Center, but there are no laws that would speak of a new world architecture, a new settlement system and what taxes it is subject to. We have come up with completely new mechanisms: both financial and informational, which have not yet existed, so what are the taxes?

How did you understand where you can make money – here, first of all, you need a special flair or intelligence?

Well, about the mind (pause) … A week ago, I concluded that I was very stupid, because I made such a big mistake, which I did not even make in my youth.

Are you getting involved in the presidential elections in Russia?

No, something else. I don’t want to go into details – this is personal: I was just once again convinced that it’s not in vain that they say: “Live and learn, you’ll die a fool,” so the mind is still bad. Yes, there were ideas, some of them allowed me to get rich. The Lord probably sent them, or maybe the devil instilled some of them – now I can’t tell the difference, and thank God that it worked out (I’m baptized), I thank the Lord for the fact that everything happened this way and not otherwise. The fact that I lost money and wealth is God’s mercy for me (I don’t show myself!), And I am really very grateful to Slava Surkov, because he is the hero of the occasion: thanks to him I began to live in the forest, in freedom, on

… with goats and sheep …

… with goats and sheep. While I was sitting on Red Square and puffing my cheeks from my own significance, such changes were impossible to imagine, but in general, I am trying to convey to my acquaintances of my oligarchs that ruin for many …


Yes, there is a very positive event in life – that’s like mine. It was bad, but it became good, I huddled in some area on Rublevka, and now I breathe freely in the endless expanses of forests and fields. I had some kind of virtual accounts with numbers, and now the yard is full of cattle, I do not go to the store and do not buy poison there, but I feed my children with organic food, and my health has become much better.

In 2004, leaving your business, you and your family left Moscow and today you prefer to introduce yourself as a sheep breeder and baker …

Yes, it’s true: we moved to the settlement of Sloboda, Mozhaisky District – as it was indicated on the map, but in reality there is not only people there – not a single peg remained: this is one of the destroyed villages.

And yet, the government of the Moscow region has shown amazing generosity, giving you 37 hectares of agricultural land …

This is a little bit.

But also a lot …

No, no, for the peasant economy sheer nonsense. In fact, we used 700 hectares there – I say in the past tense, because three years ago we moved to the Istra district and now I officially have 80 hectares, and we use about 500.

How do you live as a hermit?

What kind of a hermit am I? – I’m begging! My children constantly communicate with a huge number of interesting people, we ourselves go somewhere from time to time.

Well, then let’s try to figure out where the myths are around you, and where the truth is. They write, for example, that you gave up your mobile phone – is that so?

A month and a half without him lasted and again got hooked on this needle. Here, as with smoking: I tried to quit several times before, thank God, it worked out, and although I didn’t manage to end my mobile addiction (admittedly serious!) From the first time, I will try again and again.

According to the press, you live without gas and electricity …

No, I spent four years without both, and now – only without gas: we have electricity.

And the TV?

But we got rid of this “box” a long time ago, back in Rublevka – when I realized what effect television has on children, I came home and said: “Either I, or he.” My wife was just watching a TV program and exclaimed confidently: “Of course, TV,” and then I shot him with a pistol, so that it would be discouraging to answer in this way in the future, and threw out the entrapment. Since then – as cut off.

Do you prefer a computer?

No, where there are children, the Internet does not belong, where there is porn, there cannot be children – these things are mutually exclusive.

So you don’t watch the news?

No, why?

Therefore, you don’t know what is happening in the world?

By no means, I am aware of all the most important events, since I receive fairly regular information summaries from the Society of Lovers of Ancient Writing (we have a special service preparing them). But I don’t foul my head with this news!

Rumor has it that since 2004, you have never been to the dentist and do not brush your teeth …

Here (opens his mouth): see how white and healthy your teeth are? And not a single artificial one, because I have not been to dentists for a long time. They, pests, what are they doing? – already in childhood, a person is drilled a hole, and he falls into their hands to death: either live with a hollow, or go to the doctors and change endlessly the fillings that fall out all the time. Well, that is, the dependence is absolute, and at the same time they tell us about caries fables. In fact, if there is some kind of caries or dental disease under any other name, it is enough to chew bee bread – this is such a bee product – or a backbeam, as honeycomb caps are called (they are sold by beekeepers), and everything goes away at once. You don’t need to drill anything, you can’t, and those bastards who do this should be beaten with batogs in the stable: they spoil our teeth and due to this, constantly serving them, they live.

Listen, Mao Zedong never brushed his teeth all his life …

And rightly so – a normal man! You just have apples or real bread, and if there is no real bread anywhere in the world, then apples are available to everyone: you eat one thing, and your teeth are clean. You don’t need any brushes, chemicals, paste to scrub them, you don’t need to stick around like a fool in front of a foam mirror – that’s all … Our ancestors would have looked from the outside: a man is standing, he has white crap in his mouth, like a horse’s, and he (imitates brushing his teeth) chik-chik-chik-chik – does something.

Foaming at the mouth …

Yes – this is all the perversion we are used to.

Journalist colleagues claim that you only buy salt in the store …

It is a fact.

What do you eat?



Of course, we have everything of our own, and we bake the bread ourselves, so much so that the oligarchs and top officials to whom we give loaves, cut them into pieces and gobble them up on both cheeks. In besieged Leningrad, they did not look at rations as they do today – at real bread, but do you know that having eaten a whole slice, you can not blow your mustache all day, because you gorge on them more than three loaves of fake bread that you just stuff your stomach with?

Is there anything real left now?

With us – yes, but with you – no. You are unfortunate people, in front of you I am uncomfortable, because I ride like cheese in butter, and you are in poverty. Here I also pretend to be like: “I have it, but you don’t have it,” but this is the only opportunity to provoke you to want to have what I have.

Let me live like this for a little while …

Welcome, you are welcome, the doors are open, but I ask you to stop shaving today so as not to set a bad example for children.

Naturalistic question: is it true that you slaughter the cattle personally?

And children cut when I have no time.

Are you cutting her throat straight?

Yes, of course – this is done to drain the blood, because meat cannot be eaten with blood: some kind of strangulation is obtained.

Are you covered in blood at slaughter?

What do you mean, why should I stand in blood? If you need to slaughter a bull, I do it, because children cannot, it is rather dangerous: I take a katana (such a long sword) … From my last millionaire life, I still have a beautiful ancient Japanese katana – very sharp, there is awesome steel. She lay idle for so many years, and now I have adapted her to slaughter bulls. It is difficult to cut them: you pierce the throat and, cutting it, you lead with your hand downward – shhhh!

And the bull?

Worth it. He doesn’t even understand what happened, because it’s all fast … The animal begins to lose blood and seems to fall asleep, that is, in fact, compared to an electric shock, this death is humane. Do you know how they roar before being beaten, as required by law, with an electric shock? There is complete horror: some bastard scientist invented this and now all over the world are engaged in this sadism. The meat also turns out to be strangled, because blood does not leave the capillaries, and after all, when the heart of a bull or any other cattle is still working, it throws blood out of the capillaries and the meat becomes clean, so the cattle can only be cut, and it must be done correctly –

It’s all the same, German Lvovich, murder …

Why not? The Lord created domestic cattle for us to slaughter and eat. Abel, the first saint whom Cain killed, was a sheep breeder – in the Holy Scriptures it is said that he cut rams for himself and sacrificed to God. This is God’s plan – so how can it be bad? It’s always good!

How, interestingly, does your wife endure the harsh peasant life? I understand, of course: after the shooting of the TV, nothing will surprise her, and, in fact, she has nowhere to go …

No, nothing will surprise her after several years without electricity, with a cold toilet on the street. Now, of course, when she has an electric light bulb and a warm toilet, she no longer needs anything else in her life.

Does she, excuse me, love you?

You’d better ask her that.

What do you think?

Seems to be yes.

She didn’t ask you to go back to Moscow, to the old way of life?

Hmm, how can this be done? – she’s a mother and immediately saw how wonderful it is for children in these conditions. We, adults, have problems: we need to build somewhere in the forest, but there is no road, then, behold, the fifth or tenth – but for the guys all this is sheer joy, entertainment and adventure. Here life cannot be compared with the Rublevsky ghetto: free will, horses, shooting, forest, field, ponds and no fences – a song!

Is it true that Ksyusha Sobchak came to your village?

Yes. A very smart woman, attentive, tactful, knows how to listen, weighs every word, but, in fact, in our forest every word is weighed.

Well, you are with a pistol …

No, it’s been a long time without him: the pistol is from the Moscow past.

Ah, then with a katana …

Now I’m with a gun.

Did you like Ksyusha Sobchak?

Yes, I made an excellent impression – I did not expect. Even at his home he did not accept her, because he thought that this was another person – he invited guest workers to the house. True, she decided that this was my house, and was very surprised how I lived there with my wife and children.

They say you have 700 tons of honey, and some know-it-alls claim that it is in it that you keep your money …

I can say that I am also a co-owner of a million hectares in the Khabarovsk Territory. These are mainly forests, where a huge amount is located – thousands! These lands, as it turned out recently, have survived from the past millionaire times.

Is your ownership documented?

They say yes, but I haven’t seen it with my own eyes – I recently learned about it myself. In the 90s, we had so much junk that it was not possible to remember everything – they still tell me from time to time about all sorts of things that I still have somewhere else.

Why would you, if, of course, not a secret, 700 tons of honey?

An excellent investment – honey does not spoil. In general, it is better to store savings not in cut paper, but in gold or honey, in buckwheat – in something that, along with monstrous inflation, is growing in price.

If you have learned how to defend yourself against inflation, then there is no envy yet: your house on the farm, for example, was burned to the ground. Who did it and why?

Out of hostility, the local family, and the wife is a former ballerina from Moscow, and her husband is 15 years younger than her, probably: judging by this, he is a peculiar person. I called his wife a witch, because she was fond of extrasensory perception, but for my husband it was a discovery: it ended, in general, with the fact that they set me on fire.

Are you very upset?

Very much – I didn’t know then who did it. We then saw on the tracks that when they were leaving in a GAZ-66 truck, they went on the wrong road in the dark and got stuck in a ravine, and I was just passing there. Literally a few minutes before that, they managed to get out, otherwise they would have taken it directly warm. Well, thank God, the Lord took them away – they hid.

Have you punished them?

No. I met my husband a year later, when I had already figured out everything, and immediately dumbfounded him: “And I know that you burned my house down.” He jerked: “It’s not me.” “Come on, what’s there,” he reassured. “It’s okay, I don’t bear any grudge,” but he didn’t believe it and went somewhere. Six years have passed since then, and neither he nor his wife is …


No, no, they went somewhere.

I can’t help but ask you, a person with a large-scale understanding of global economic laws, what readers are most worried about: what, in your opinion, caused the economic crisis?

Due to the fact that as a result of scientific and technological progress, there are more and more idlers in the world, and there are fewer and fewer people working. There is a surplus of lawyers, journalists, artists, cameramen, swindlers – those, in a word, who do something all day, but do not produce anything concrete: their number is already close to 90 percent of the working-age population, and there is no one to plow. Superimposed on this (the problems are like a multi-layered cake) is that money first became paper, and later electronic, which means that it is possible to issue an unlimited amount, and if so, everyone is doing this around the clock, there is no country that would not turn on the printing press

And there is no control over this …

Of course. Who is the owner of the machine, he decides how much to print, therefore the money that is in the hands of the unfortunate population, both idlers and hard workers, becomes cheaper every day. This happens all the time as new money is released and is called the smart word “inflation” – everyone talks about how to fight it, and I will say: it is invincible if the money is paper or electronic.

When there is inflation, the world banking system flourishes, which lives on interest, and they are inseparable from each other. Without inflation, there is no interest, without interest – banks: all that remains is the usurer, who sits in the corner and lends a few coins to someone who has lost, but this is not the global banking system, but a single usurer – as always from time immemorial it has been

So, layer upon layer is superimposed, and on top there is also the banking system – as the quintessence of an idle lifestyle. It is profitable for banks to give as many loans as possible so that everyone around should owe it – it doesn’t matter to them why, for what reason. For example, a person comes and says: “I want to produce the 80th type of alpine skiing.” – “On” – the main thing for them is that he should. “I want to release the thousandth type of women’s panties” …

… and to you: “On!” …

It is not life that turns out, but the theater of absurdity – millions of people are engaged in complete nonsense that no one needs, and this leads to the fact that the pyramid, which has always stood firmly on the ground (at the base – the working population, at the top – the princes), turns over and stops

This is called a crisis, and in order to get out of it, in order to eliminate it, you need to make only one correct movement (not different ones – these are obstacles, but one) – to reduce the number of idlers and increase the number of working people, that is, to pull the stop-crane scientifically Alas, scientific and technological progress serves to ensure that citizens eat without working, and this is possible only on condition that everyone feeds on poison, because without working, you can only get chemical or genetically modified shit. The fact that it is everywhere today is the merit of scientists, therefore it is necessary to isolate them from society (the most talented, like sorcerers, to be executed), and it is time for the state to begin the process of resettlement of megacities and the creation of millions of peasant farms on lands abandoned around the world – that’s what

Now we are being frightened by the second, third wave of the crisis, everyone is literally scared to death, and how long, in your opinion, will this unfortunate crisis last?

Until we get out of it correctly, it will worsen – up to the death of humanity from ecological collapse, and it, in turn, is the result of the fact that the population is being drawn into megacities, for which nuclear and other power plants, aluminum plants, and so on. All this, I repeat, was created to serve megalopolises, that is, idlers.

You claim that the United States of America is in a predisposing state, and in the 90th year, a bearded man like you, Pavel Globa, told me that the United States was about to disintegrate and this would happen under the 44th president, who is

Pavel Globa is a sorcerer and deserves death, because the Holy Scriptures say: “Do not leave the magician alive” – glory to Christ!

It’s a question of time?

Of course, and once you figure out the reason why they are most likely to disintegrate, you will understand when approximately this will happen. And then you can adequately prepare for this situation on a global scale so that there is no collapse of political, financial, military, and so on.

Again, from time to time we hear that the dollar will soon come to a kirdyk, because it has not been backed up by absolutely anything for a long time – do you agree with that?

Again, the question of timing, and a short answer to it is impossible, so let me take your attention for a few minutes. This will help in solving your specific financial problems, because it is very important to understand what is happening, especially since we all, by and large, “sit” in dollars or in euros.

By the way, I also wanted to ask about the euro …

That’s right – these topics are, in fact, very interconnected, since the same families print dollars and euros. So, in fact, dollars are not issued by the United States of America, but by the US Federal Reserve …

…Federal Reserve System…

… which is simply located on the territory of the United States, is a private corporation that has the right (we have agreed so long ago!) to issue dollars. Then the bills are lent to the United States, so the United States is the first country that is dependent on the FRS, because it is calculated in dollars borrowed, I emphasize, from the FRS.

The names of those who hold the Fed, will you name?

Of course, but you yourself know them – these are the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Messrs. Bernanke and Buffett are their people (the most famous investor on the planet is billionaire Warren Buffett and US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke) – honor and respect for them!

Freshly printed dollars smell so good! ..

… and the euro too … The United States of America is in close proximity to the US Federal Reserve, so those behind the Federal Reserve system have to reckon with how Americans perceive their activities. Those with whom you live next may break, if they are completely ruined, and if the dollar pyramid collapses tomorrow, everyone who has “greens”, first of all Americans, will be thrown.

Both the Chinese and the Japanese …

Naturally, but the first victims will be the Americans, because they are the ones who pay only in dollars and nothing else – their savings will turn into cut paper. For the US Federal Reserve, for obvious reasons, this is unacceptable, and as long as the Americans have no alternative to the dollar, its collapse is impossible.

Do you think there is no alternative?

The dollar will depreciate to the limit, but it will still be printed further, and on the other hand, the collapse was ruled out until July 3 of this year, when the state of Utah went into the calculations in gold. First, at the state level, a relevant law was passed, which was then appealed to the US Supreme Court, and although with one stroke of the pen he could ban gold transactions in Utah, he did not do it – on the contrary, he confirmed the legislative correctness of the local Congress, and from July 3 in stores

In other words, even if the gold investment coin of one ounce says: “$ 50”, its real value will be equal to the cost of an ounce of gold (about 1.5 thousand dollars.).

On July 24 of this year, by the decree of Mr. Obama, gold was withdrawn from the circulation of the United States of America, investment coins are prohibited for sale, which means that gold has ceased to be a commodity and has become money. The Americans have an alternative – gold and silver, the example of the state of Utah was followed by Virginia and South Carolina, which are at the final stage of reaching gold, 11 more US states are next.

It is surprising that no one talks about this news as if it doesn’t exist (in general, no one ever reports anything about the most important thing, although interest in this topic is natural). So, the withdrawal of the Americans from the zone of danger of the dollar collapse shows that it has become a reality – this is the first sign, but there is also the second. Technically, it is impossible to prove this, but I declare that the so-called gold reserve of the United States of America, which was stored in Fort Knox, was exported to Europe, and this, according to various estimates, is from 10 to 30 thousand tons of gold.

Exported? But why?

This is the second question, and in Fort Knox there are only tungsten ingots that were cast by Mr. Buffett during the reign of Bill Clinton. They produced a million 200 thousand 400-ounce tungsten bars, which were covered with a thick layer of real gold, and today half of this volume stamped with Fort Knox is circulating around the world as gold bars. In 2009 – it is in the public domain – a very loud scandal erupted in Hong Kong, because 90 tons of gold from the United States of America arrived there as calculations, but when the tactless Chinese drilled several bars, they found there …


Yes, which caused indignation throughout the civilized world, and this is just part of the very Buffett ingots that remained in Fort Knox, that is, the Americans have actually been thrown. Those real values that were in the United States (and gold is a real value) are no longer there, but this was done legally, the Federal Reserve System took its own, because, I remind you, dollars were issued and lent to the United States, and gold served as collateral The states, of course, did not return the money to the US FRS, because it is impossible. It is necessary to return something with interest, but those are not issued, and this is an ambush, a dead end, from which there is only one way out – collapse.

Is the dollar going to inevitably collapse?

Of course, and I will even know when this will happen in a couple of months (I will inform you one of the first). Mr. Karl Vee came to me twice – one of the largest macroeconomists in the world, an associate of Messrs. Buffett and Bernanke: he will not let me lie. We discussed these topics with him for a long time, and without false modesty I will say that ARTC is our structure and dozens of offices that have been opened in Russia and around the world have greatly influenced the fact that everything happens this way and not otherwise.

There was another scenario: according to the plan of the so-called party of “hawks”, North, South and Central America had to, having secured themselves from possible local nuclear conflicts between countries in the other hemisphere (there were options Iran – Israel, India – Pakistan), unite into one economic I started the creation of the Anti-Crisis Settlement and Commodity Center in 2008 precisely in order to offer the world an alternative, that is, access to gold, and my idea, as you can see, has been accepted.

Millions of Ukrainians are worried about the question: where do they keep their savings – in dollars, in euros, in hryvnias?

In no case, not in dollars, not in euros and not in hryvnias, but in gold (if the savings are large) or in silver. In food products that do not spoil, this is the most correct investment: they will always remain in price and can serve as units of account, although in this case the costs of their transportation are added.

Can you name food products that are suitable for this purpose?

Buckwheat, for example, grain (if stored correctly, it practically does not deteriorate, at least for a very long time) and honey – all this is still taken from the Egyptian pyramids and eaten.

Money, then, a decisive “no!”

Paper wrappers are not money, and I would advise Ukrainians to ask President Yanukovych to exit paper money into gold and silver hryvnia, following the example of the United States of America. It is necessary to withdraw millions of Ukrainians from the risk zone, just as the US government is withdrawing millions of Americans from it.

Does it make sense to invest in real estate?

At the current stage, no, because it is overvalued everywhere – it’s just a pyramid scheme.

Will the prices for it fall?

In a financial collapse that is brewing, or even with exchange rate fluctuations, real estate will certainly suffer in the first place.

Okay, but then its value will start to rise?

It will be different: if everything goes according to the scheme I have proposed, which at this stage seems to be perceived, calculations in gold and silver await us ahead, and this is a completely different story – in other words, a reassessment of the commodity mass of mankind will take place. In the Italian Club, in other similar organizations, there is an approximate estimate of everything that is produced as a commodity: roads, bridges, steamers, houses, jewelry – all this “pulls” a certain amount, and the approximate amount of gold that is on earth is also known

Doesn’t he hesitate?

It is almost unchanged – two thousand tons are added annually. Yes, this is very little, but it is simply impossible to produce more, and in order to determine how much the junk created by mankind will cost, you just need to divide its volume by the amount of precious metal – then it turns out that one ounce can buy a part of this, suppose The amount of gold is limited, and compared to paper money, this is its great advantage. Now gold, one might say, is free, but those who receive several dozen gold coins at their disposal will become the richest person in the future.

You bought, I know, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of gold coins around the world …

… tens of thousands, yes …

… do you still have them?

No. Those that were bought in Russia (“George the Victorious”), we handed them back to Sberbank with a scandal, because we have rusted them.


Yes (laughs): this is a business, not a school of humanism.

Excuse me, have you slipped fakes?

Well, yes, the St. Petersburg Mint minted coins that were covered with rust. Moskovsky is not noticed in this, but I can tell you that St. Petersburg is not the first who distinguished himself. Five years earlier, a scandal broke out in Canada, where the “maple leaves” rusted. Well, Canadians, they are better educated people: they quickly removed everything from circulation and replaced it with either money or real gold – we hardly returned the rusty coins to Sberbank, and I can assure you that they continue to trade them in their networks in the best possible way – since

Since 2009 you have been minting gold coins yourself in London …

Minted – now stopped. We no longer have gold for minting, and it, real, all over the world, so that you know, you cannot buy, that is, there is not a single madman who would sell gold – it simply does not exist.

Are the bars you can buy in banks also fake?

No, I can’t say that, but you can’t buy them without drilling – it’s stupid, and they won’t give you drilling in any bank, so it’s better not to take ingots – that’s, first of all. Secondly, you have no right to take out bars from any bank – you can only move them from bank to bank by order, that is, in fact, this investment is virtual. It is illegal to keep a pile of bullion at home, so it makes sense to buy only investment gold coins that are free in circulation, but the problem is that they are not gold everywhere. Therefore, I advise you to buy, if you decide, South African Krugerrands or our London Goldens: they are real, but they are practically not on sale.

Do you have any gold reserves today?

Small, abroad …

Does he provide a more or less comfortable existence?

And I have nothing in growth – coins are simply in a safe deposit box in London, and that’s it.

Have you experienced real wealth, felt what it means to be super rich, and today you are a wealthy person?

I just understood what real wealth means, and that’s why I am really rich right now, and in the early 90s I just had a lot of virtual money. You asked me how many I had. Somewhere 200-250 million of cash, that is, real money, those that were on the accounts, and these are not steamships, factories …

… or promotions …

… worth 200-250 million, as the oligarchs now estimate their fortunes. Then no one considered – there was no one, not a single audit firm existed …

… but the cache was …

And only foreign (it was also available in Russian rubles, but I don’t know how much). In general, in principle, it was impossible to count – it was necessary to create some kind of special service for calculating the constant, but it was not: it was then that auditors appeared and others.

You said: “You can never take loans from banks, for any reason, under any circumstances – it is always a game with only one goal” …

That’s right: a bank can only be approached for the purpose of armed robbery – this is the only thing that makes sense.

Have you never taken loans either?

I took it once – in 1990 at the Stolichny bank from Smolensky two million rubles for a year and gave it back three weeks later, when I became a millionaire.

Today, many countries depend on Russian oil and gas supplies, and geopolitics is built on this. Do you think these states will be able to get rid of energy dependence someday?

They will be able to, if they restructure their policy: if they begin to resettle megalopolises and create millions of peasant farms – what I was talking about! This, believe me, is a great benefit for all mankind …

… except Russia …

And for Russia it is a great blessing, because the Lord did not just create oil and gas and place them in the bowels – it makes a lot of sense, and by pumping out energy resources from there and burning them on the surface, we destroy the future of our children. We are leading the planet towards ecological collapse, so it is good for everyone to reduce oil and gas production as much as possible.

To make it clear, I will cite only one of its disastrous consequences. Each cubic meter of gas or ton of oil raised from the depths means a ton of clean drinking water that is forever lost, because (any oilman will tell you this) they are pumped upward due to the forced pressure created by pumping water, and only fresh water. Even when oil is produced on the shelf, not salty water is pumped into the well, but fresh water – it goes into the abyss forever, goes out of circulation, and when you are happily informed that another billion tons of oil has been produced only in one of the countries, know: There is no way to get it from the depths of the planet, and if something succeeds, it will be shit that cannot be cleaned up.

Many Russian oligarchs began their glorious present and future before your very eyes. As Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin told me, these are not giants of big business, but people who were simply given other people’s money to support. Are you interested in the VIPs who are called oligarchs in Russia?

I wouldn’t say that.

Do you know all about them?

No, of course not, although all people are different, and so are the oligarchs. There is no specific type – there are among them a downright bastard and scum, and there are good guys – everything, like in any class, after all, the peasant is also the peasant …

Which oligarchs are the good guys?

The Ananiev brothers, for example, are excellent men, Lisovsky Seryoga … Money, power is like drunkenness, which in some causes a difficult period of crippling consciousness, and for some passes painlessly.

Do you feel sorry for Khodorkovsky?

It’s a pity, of course, because I myself could easily sit down for the rudeness that I allowed. They say here in Russia: “Do not renounce your money and prison” – I could have found myself in the same situation, but I was carried away, and he ended up on a bunk. I don’t know whether my proposal reached him or not … I advised him to put the question like this: he undertakes to live only with me in Sloboda and not leave its borders, and in return he is released from the zone, that is, Khodorkovsky would be with me as if under house arrest – still better than under escort Our territory is large, the food is healthy, and so on – I would bail him, and we would be a peasant together. It would be great for both of us – I would get awesome advertising for my products, my sheep would immediately rise in price, that is, it would be beneficial for everyone, and the government would be good, since the painful issue would be removed.

“The degradation of the Russian people,” you say, “is extreme,” what does this mean?

There are no people – there are TV viewers, as well as drug addicts, drunkards, whores … This is what it means!

Is this, in your opinion, fixable?

In theory, everything can be restored, just every day the probability that it will be possible in practice decreases. You can even start with a very small group of people and start over again, but for this you need to have territory not from Kaliningrad to the Far East, but from Smolensk to the Volga, even without the Urals, and from north to south not from Murmansk to Crimea. If you take a small, very compact territory, where one people with one language and one faith lives, then maybe there is a chance to recover, and if we have such huge spaces as now, we all – from the Baltic to the Sea of Okhotsk – For this very land – well, just for nothing!

Is it true that you addressed Medvedev and Putin with an open letter, where you offered them to sell the entire territory from the Urals to Sakhalin to foreign states?

Yes, and also a part of the Caucasus, because there is only one alternative – to give it away for free.

It turns out that you are not a patriot?

Well hello!

Do you think that in the end Siberia will be taken by the Chinese?

They will take away from us for free, and there will be not even different countries, but one continuous China all the way to the Urals.

Is this already going?

Of course, this is also visible to the naked eye. I ran for the Krasnoyarsk governor nine years ago, so there was already a Chinese-language newspaper there, and if you take Blagoveshchensk, it is already a full-fledged Chinese city. Everything goes away for free – at least it is necessary to sell and use the proceeds to transport the population to Central Russia, which has not drunken to drink, has not split. We have here, just drive away from Moscow, a desert: who should we settle these lands with – Tajiks, Chechens? No, it’s better to be white and on money from the sale of colonies – these are colonies in reality, which we cannot keep.

At one time England could not keep the colonies – they agreed and with the maximum benefit for themselves abandoned them, and nothing – a great power, but we clung to: “Our ancestors shed blood …”. What do we all need to die now? It is necessary, if there is not enough people for a huge territory, to give up what pulls to the bottom, it is necessary to gather the best part of the population and give birth, give birth, give birth, so that there is not a single non-pregnant woman, and those who are not pregnant, to plow on pregnant women and

Russia, in your opinion, will disintegrate?

Yes, absolutely.


This, I say again, can happen either on a planned basis, under the confident orchestration of her leadership, or for free and like a snowball, at the behest of our numerous neighbors and non-neighbors, so the first option is better – relatively painless.

“The desire to lead our people,” you said, “can only arise in an idiot. I love my people, I am Russian, I am a nobleman, so I say this with bitterness, but this is really so ”…

Yes, I think so.

You also think that power in Russia should be inherited – from father to son …

Well, of course – this is normal, humanly, this is much better than butting each other every six years for who will become the next ruler. From time immemorial, all nations passed power from father to son, so the father cared about the country, about the people, as about his household, thought about what he would leave to his son, and not about how to steal for six years and go abroad.

You say that Putin needs a young wife, preferably a Ukrainian …

But who will give birth to an heir to him? Of course, a young wife is needed for a healthy child to appear, and a virgin is obligatory. She may not be Ukrainian, but there are very beautiful girls in Ukraine, so I would like with all my heart that Putin take a closer look at them. I must say that I am telling my sons now that, growing up, they should consider not only Slavs as brides, but also – maybe in a priority mode! It is important, by and large, not who bears the fruit, but whose seed – according to the seed, they say, both the fruit and the lineage are transmitted by the man: Abraham gave birth to Isaac, Isaac – Jacob, and so on. Women just bear – men give birth!

How do you feel about the problem of Chechnya?

I believe that this is an independent country, and we must finally let it go: put up a high fence on the border and live as good neighbors, and not quarrel here inside, like in a pot of porridge, constantly pushing with each other. I would even cut off the territories of our southern outskirts to Chechnya for taking out my nukers from Central Russia, that is, I would offer a deal like this: we will give you lands so that great Chechnya and its imam Ramzan Kadyrov will be, and you will free at least part of Central Russia from We now have no time for interethnic problems – we need to recover, we need a small Russia, not a large multinational brothel.

How do you see the future of Ukraine?

I hope it will be happy, in any case, there is every reason and opportunity for this. Renaming Ukraine into Kievan Rus, the introduction of a gold and silver hryvnia, an initiative to create an international environmental tribunal on a pan-European scale, the use of 43 million hectares of black earth lands in Kievan Rus to create millions of peasant farms from settled megacities – all this is real!

In the past you are a staunch patriot-monarchist, today you consider yourself an Orthodox Christian, but you don’t get along with the church and even dubbed the Moscow Patriarchate “a bunch of heretics and atheists” …

Hmm, but it doesn’t deserve another name. This is a false church, costumed men who have nothing to do with Orthodoxy or the cross: they distorted the doctrine a long time ago and breed millions of suckers like me. I also spent 10 years there due to illiteracy, I thought it was a church, but there are no sacraments of communion and baptism – all this is a performance. Charlatans fool us: the Pope of Rome, the false patriarch of Moscow, Protestants, but they are all heretics, enemies of God – or rather, not even heretics, but teachers of heresy.

Why does the state support the Russian Orthodox Church so?

Because our current leaders are as illiterate as I am – they studied in the same schools, in the same institutes, they do not understand anything in matters of faith and Orthodoxy, and they sincerely think that this is a church. Do you know how they talk? “Yes, the church is a mother, she is sick, lost,” but the church cannot be sick. We believe in the holy catholic apostolic church (being baptized), and she radiates health: the sick and lost is a false church.

How do you feel about atheists?

As to atheists, that is, fools.

But without aggression?

No, absolutely. Well, unfortunate, sick people, because you have to be very stupid to admit that there is no God.

I was told that at one time, when enormous riches fell upon you, you drank very heavily, practically suffered from alcoholism and could not sleep without a glass of vodka – is that true?

Yes, I went through such a period. Well, I won’t say that I was an alcoholic, but I really fell asleep with a glass of vodka.

Every evening?

Yes, however, having felt a very strong dependence, he stopped drinking altogether.

So you are a real Russian person!

Yes, but alcohol is a terrible poison, and I saw many troubles to which it led. Thank God (baptized), I have not used it at all for 15 years.

Have you overcome your alcohol addiction easily?

Yes, I just stopped – and that’s it, in one day. It was difficult to quit smoking.

Today, when in stores, as far as we know, 90, if not more, percent of vodka is fake, fake, many sane people switch to moonshine …

That’s right, and I, for example, just a few weeks ago had a huge four-meter cellar, where oak barrels with excellent moonshine and wine from Abkhazia and Moldova stood in a row, but, apparently, we have degraded to such an extent that even real alcoholic drinks are already Among my neighbors, temptations began, cases of drunkenness – it almost reached the collapse of families, so all this, in general, fabulous wealth (because, I will tell you, the drinks were very good) I loaded the land cruiser into the truck and I have a builder, an acquaintance of mine, a very good man – and I handed everything to him.

After that, did he stop going to work?

(Laughs) Yes Yes Yes… In general, he was lucky, but we got rid of all this. True, I returned the barrels to him: we will salt the cucumbers in them.

You give the impression of a kind, sincere, fair person, but sometimes you are too harsh, even, I would say, bloodthirsty. For example, you demand a complete ban on abortion and call for the introduction of the death penalty for abortologists …

An abortion doctor is a child killer, and, of course, to discourage others, he must be executed. In general, so that there are no abortologists, they must be executed, so that there are no drug addicts, they must be executed, so that there are no murderers, it is necessary to execute those who nevertheless commit such crimes. This is an axiom, and in countries where the death penalty has been introduced, for example, for drug addiction, drug addicts do not exist. Take Afghanistan: where the territories are occupied by the Americans, drug addicts are in, above the roof, because they are not executed, and where there are no Americans (and this is two-thirds of Afghanistan), in the presence of huge poppy plantations, you will not find a single one.

How do you feel about homosexuals?

Like fagots.

Capacious …

They, according to the Holy Scriptures, deserve death, and it is no coincidence that the Apostle Paul said: “Let their blood be on their head” …

You demand the lifting of the moratorium on the death penalty not only for sodomites, but also for sorcerers and drug dealers, including drug addicts …

This is true, because any drug addict is the main link in the small retail of drugs. Without this network, drug trafficking is impossible, because the addict gets his dose by putting someone else on the needle, which means that they must be destroyed physically, and the later we start doing this, the more young people will be killed. The sooner we start, the more young people who have not yet been hooked will be saved – every day counts! Yes, tomorrow 10 million will have to be destroyed, and the day after tomorrow there will be no one to do this – there will be only drug addicts around, so the sooner we do everything, the less blood there will be.

You confessed: “Before I was afraid of AIDS, but it turned out that no AIDS exists” …

It is also true: AIDS is an excuse invented to explain the decrease in immunity in humans, but in fact immunity is suppressed by vaccinations against all kinds of diseases. AIDS, which stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, is called truthfully, only it was acquired not from sexual activity and some other crap, as it is declared to us, but as a result of the fact that millions of people are endlessly vaccinated with all kinds of experimental viruses that are invented by the damned sorcerers This was done primarily in Africa, where there was an experimental zone, which is why it was there that acquired immunodeficiency syndrome originated.

As a result, Africa is dying of AIDS …

Of course, this is a very effective way to reduce the population. In the same way, people are “vaccinated” in Russia, in Kievan Rus, and in many other third world countries: this is a vaccination of a disease that lowers a person’s immunity, and in order to explain how this happened, they thought that AIDS arose from the fact that Like, they themselves are to blame, but in fact everything is from vaccinations.

In the States, I’m sorry, one percent of the population is vaccinated – to make it clear. There will always be a percentage of morons – so they voluntarily go, pay money and get vaccinated, and in other countries, resistance to imposed immunodeficiency is less successful.

In people like Botswana …

Vaccinations are mandatory there, because this country was bought by the diamond concern De Beers, and the population there is completely redundant. That is, it is generally useless – they are now being vaccinated almost around the clock.

They don’t know how to mine diamonds – then why?

Botswana, even as a country with a wonderful climate, was taken, equidistant from all harmful ecological zones such as Europe, Australia and those where nuclear weapons are being tested. Botswana is African Switzerland with a wonderful climate, so the richest people in the world build their villas there, and they are right.

… And now I am thinking about where I could take a small island to create Russia there, because here, if we do not stop the construction of nuclear power plants and jam those that are about to start to fail, like Fukushima Even without regard to national and other problems, that is, it just remains to wait when some Tajik does something wrong at the Tver nuclear power plant and it does not explode, and guest workers are already working there. Therefore, it is necessary to find an island somewhere – I am picking up now such as a backup option, as insurance, so that there is where to run.

Earlier, like all Soviet people, you celebrated the New Year on January 1 – why are you celebrating March 1 now?

On March 1, the Lord created the earth – according to the Holy Scriptures, this is true, and all life, everywhere and everywhere, they celebrated the New Year on this day. In Russia, this continued until 1492, when Sophia Palaeologus, a Greek woman, arrived. She was brought up in Rome and talked her husband Ivan Vasilyevich …

… who changes his profession? ..

… no-no-no – his grandfather …

…I’m kidding…

… to transfer the celebration of the New Year to September 1, and then Peter I ordered to celebrate it on January 1 – generally neither to the village nor to the city.

You are the chairman of the board of the Society of Ancient Writers …

…it is a fact…

… what does it do?

He takes out ancient manuscripts from the archives, removes them and publishes them in the form of books. We focus on children, so we take manuscripts with pictures – for example, the Facial Collection of Ivan the Terrible (I’ll show you, I have a volume with me). These are books of extraordinary beauty, they were made for the royal children, so that they were educated and knew the real history of mankind, and this is called a vault, because books of all times and peoples are brought together here: pagan, Jewish, and so on, which were known at that time This is the most tolerant collection in the world, since those books are presented in it without corrections. No one dared to breed the royal children – they would have lost their heads for this, so this is the most truthful and the largest manuscript in the world: no civilization knows its analogues (it is as thick as from here to the wall!).

As for education: you say that Pushkin and Tolstoy ruined Russia …

Well, not only they, but they are, of course, the most outstanding liars, the most talented.

Why liars?

Because everything they wrote is fiction. Fiction, as you know, is fiction, and fiction is a lie, and the father of lies is Satan. Pushkin and Tolstoy are extraordinary, the Lord gave them talent, and they used it not to serve God, but to the devil, and, of course, promoted all abominations. If you read Pushkin from the point of view of a believer, then he endlessly sang slanderousness and so on, wrote blasphemy about God, called himself a prophet … Well, in a word, moron.


Yes, just a dirty bastard who has seduced millions of people in many generations. So is Tolstoy …

Readers may disagree with you …

So what? I am mostly read by atheists who think that they are believers, but in fact are just superstitious, so I hope that maybe this is their indignation, irritation will be an impetus to think, and this is a blessing. For me, too, once everything began with irritation and indignation, when I heard words that were unpleasant for myself from all comrades, God bless them!

“I mistakenly,” you say, “considered politicians the most dangerous people for humanity, but now I realized that the most dangerous people are scientists” …

… the fact is that they are destroying all of humanity at the same time …

… and continue: “I thought that the plastic bottle is a neutral medium, but it turned out that when it comes into contact with water, it releases bisphenol – poison” …

Fact – and if it burns, then dioxins: this is a terrible poison.

What is it for us now, we can’t drink water from plastic bottles?

Of course, you can’t – it’s poison, and if you throw them away, they never rot and endlessly pollute our nature. If there are fires and huge bottle dumps burning, like last summer in Russia, they emit billions of cubic meters of dioxin, inhaling which citizens die like flies. In our country the year before last – as if it was not customary to talk about it – the corpses were put upright in the morgues, they pressed it like that – well, like herring in a bank. The dead man could get into the morgue only by great pull and with the personal order of one of the heads of the relevant structures, and people died not because the bushes were burning, but because the plastic was burning and clouds of this dioxin smoke covered the city. This is all the merit of scientists: they came up with such a convenient container – plastic.

It’s really sad …

Well, what do you think? Each of us who buy a plastic bottle immediately becomes an accomplice in this, and it is difficult to blame people here – they are placed in conditions of practically no alternative. “Well,” they say, “you yourself use it.” Yes, and the prisoners in the zone use the canteen, but this does not mean at all that they want to sit there. They were put there – and the damned scientists put us here, who led the stupid leaders of different countries to the fact that scientific achievements are a blessing. They built us power plants, factories, dams, and we already have no fish, no crayfish, no air, no food, we die slowly and simultaneously, but they console us: they say, nothing, but slowly.

These are our terrible enemies, damned sorcerers – they have always been burned, as long as humanity exists. There have never been any physicists, chemists: they were all called in one word – alchemists, and according to the Holy Scriptures, were subject to death, and now we cannot but understand why it was so. Their existence poses a huge danger to all mankind, which we now see with our own eyes on the example of the Gulfs of Mexico and Fukushima.

Our grandfathers and grandmothers had the moral right to be morons – they did not know about this and thought that science would bring them happiness, but we already know what’s what, because this stick is already knocking on the head of us and our children covered with Therefore, it is necessary to stop the disgrace and start by not shaking hands with academician professors, spitting in their faces or, if you are a man, hitting them, and it is time for the state to introduce the death penalty for them.

You advocate the introduction of flogging for petty crimes such as stealing a mobile phone, fighting and smoking in public places or in the presence of children (you need, they say, to flog the guilty with rods and release them from prison), you also demand that everyone should be allowed to carry, possess and use any types of personal weapons

Well, if the Lord entrusted the head of the family of children, why the pistol cannot be and how to protect the household, if that, call the police? You will not get enough, and even more so in the forest, so the choice is this: either to give the children to the bandits to be torn apart, or to have an illegal pistol. People, in other words, are placed in conditions where all of them are simply forced to be criminals – maybe this is deliberately done to keep everyone on the hook?

Of course, you don’t need to trust the weapon to all sorts of suckers and other asocial elements, you shouldn’t give it on the basis of certificates that are easily bought – it is necessary that a specific local judge, whom everyone in the district knows and chooses as a sheriff, should take responsibility. And he knows everyone, so he says: “This is possible – you have a revolver on! This is how you need to act, and not endlessly spawn the police, which has turned into a closed corporate structure and is already a gang in itself.

Organized …

An organized gang, you are right, with huge powers – in all countries, and we cannot defend ourselves, we are, as it were, second-class people. These, with shoulder straps, are the first: they are special, very decent and can walk with pistols, but we, like, shit and will definitely use weapons incorrectly, left and right. Of course, the heads of families, especially those who served, should be given weapons.

We have talked to our heart about humans and now we turn to dogs. I will quote you again: “When I was an atheist, I kept dogs in apartments and houses, but it turned out that it was a big sin – it turns out that I lived in kennels. He also talked with dogs, that is, he himself became like a dog, he also said that a dog is a friend of man, and said: tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are. In general, atas “…

Neither subtract nor add: sinful, lived in a house with a dog. I had Alice, my wife and I kept her at home, and she even walked under the table when we ate. It’s disgusting to remember – a dirty dog!

You have five children – what are their names, how old are they and what do they do?

I have, I can tell you, not only five children, but also one granddaughter for three days already.

Well, congratulations! ..

Thank you, and my daughter, thank God, gave birth at home. The day before, a bunch of demons came running, and everyone advised her: “The operation must be done urgently, you have a presentation – the child is lying incorrectly, the two of you will perish – both you and the child. It is a crime that you are doing, go urgently to the hospital! ” They did not listen to anyone, put their trust in the Lord (baptized), and, thank God, gave birth to a healthy baby girl at home. My father looked, he is a professor of medicine. “Ideally! “Not a single comment at all.”

The young mother feels great: at night she gave birth and in the morning she was already pounding around the house – no problem! They can’t help themselves, let alone someone else: only God can do this – and we must trust in Him, glory to Him forever!

So, the eldest Pelageya, who gave birth, 19, Arseny, the first-born son, 14, then Sergius – 11 years old, Panteleimon – six or seven years old and Micah – four or five. I’m a little confused in years, but, in general, it’s not so important.

Isn’t your wife tired of giving birth?

No, she’s already bored, she wants the sixth. It is necessary to give birth more, the wife must walk all the time pregnant, otherwise they will say about her: an idle woman, that is, neither to the village nor to the city, does not sew a mare’s tail, and this is an insult to a man and humiliation if his woman is at a normal age and is not

But what if the father cannot feed everyone?

Ha, where have you seen this? I know millions of cases – and according to statistics, there are even hundreds of millions!

Well, they probably come to Russia …

You are talking abstractly, but can you give a specific case? And I – no, and almost all your friends probably did abortions, making excuses: we are afraid that they would not die of hunger, like. Sheer nonsense: and millionaires do abortions – even more than the poor, and the poor still have large families, and the millionaires rarely. The Ananievs are an exception, there are many children there, but mostly one or two children. The rest, I ask, where? Didn’t they fuck, maybe 20 years? No, unborn babies went for lipstick, because perfumery is the biggest consumer of abortive material: women smear their sponges with the red blood of babies so that they don’t wash off for a long time.

Why do you have a negative attitude towards modern school and do not send your children there?

Because this is a brothel, a drug den, a place for drunkenness and blowjobs in toilets. Of course, I don’t give it up – what am I, an idiot, or what? I didn’t find the children in the garbage.

Who deals with them?

I, father.


Yes, father and mother as well, and when we do not understand something, we invite teachers – it is much cheaper than ruining our children and suffering the consequences of drug addiction.

Do they read books?

Of course.

Classics? Pushkin, Tolstoy?

No, no, it’s a lie, for the reason that I value my children, not for them, but they are the only specialists in Russia who have read the Facial Code – that is who the most educated people of the country are. Think about it: now in Russia there is not a single professor who would have read the entire Faith Code, but my children not only read, but also discussed many lines for five hours.

What are you preparing them for?

To the kingdom of heaven (being baptized) is the main task, because life passes very quickly. Have you noticed?

I notice …

We need to take care of the main thing: so that they go to heaven, then maybe I will be there, otherwise the Lord will ask me: “Where are your children?”

Will they go to universities to study?

Well, if only they go crazy. I hope that they will grow up to be healthy, normal men and will not engage in this crap, which is called student life.

However, they somehow have to earn …

Of course, but I studied at the university at the Faculty of Law for one year and never died of hunger (laughs), and everyone with university degrees, including the teaching staff, then worked for me. Education and success, I assure you, are not at all interconnected things.

I will ask you a very important question for me and for many readers: what is freedom for you personally?

First of all, independence from sin. I am a slave of God, and whoever does not want to be his slave becomes a slave of the devil, and this is already lack of freedom. If a person smokes, for example, he needs to endlessly stick this nipple in his mouth – I myself have dabbled in tobacco since I was six, so from my own experience I know: the addiction is colossal (or if you take drunkenness, which you also know firsthand, the addiction is monstrous!) The same story with shaving: every day smearing your face and scrubbing it in front of the mirror, cutting out every hair there – this is a captivity, an ambush, because all your life you are engaged in some kind of meaningless masturbation. Now one thing, then another: so the whole day goes by – with difficulty you carve out short periods of time for something really worthwhile, but this is not freedom, but a zone, the worst form of dependence.

Are you a free person today?

Well, I’m free about you – I don’t need to shave.

I, perhaps, will also stop after this interview …

Note: I did not pull you by the tongue (shakes hand).

I want to end our conversation with a phrase-response, which you, I hope, will comment on: “The true face of the Orthodox businessman German Sterligov is not easy to discern: his real beard is questionable.”

Well, that’s pretty much true. I’m sorry: I want to appear better than I really am.